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Scanner comparison for hematologists

The desire to digitally microscope blood and bone marrow smears was the initial impetus for my intensive involvement with digital microscopy almost ten years ago. This is how the company Smart In Media, which I founded as a hematooncologist, became a specialist in this field. In the meantime, we have become the market leader in […]

Alternative to the patient CD/DVD

How can the risk of infection and the length of stay for patients be reduced during corona times in radiology? — The answer is “EasyRadiology”. Our partner company of the same name has created a new milestone with this software solution: the farewell to the patient CD/DVD.

The importance of interactive learning

The importance of interactive learning concepts for students at the time of the COVID 19 pandemic, such as those made possible by the digital microscopy platform “SmartZoom”, became apparent at the 1st user meeting at the end of May. At the invitation of the Cologne-based software specialist Smart In Media, users of the e-learning platform […]