Our mission is
to revolutionize microscopy diagnostics
for cancer and other diseases
by using our digital cloud solutions.

Trust the German #1 in digital microscopy!

Our cutting-edge, cloud-based technology minimizes the time needed to determine, which precise personalized therapy is applicable resulting in a better prognosis for the patient in terms of outcome and quality of life.

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We work aside of the pathologists and hematologists to improve daily workflow and reduce workload by using our cost-effective and time-saving cloud solutions anywhere and anytime.
We follow the concept: „By physicians for physicians”

Teaching & Seminars

SmartZoom Classroom Suite

The perfect classroom solution for teaching medical students with great feedbacks and better learning results using cloud based digital microscopy and lower your costs

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PathoZoom Market Access Suite

The perfect seminar & training solution for pathologists and haematologists to help making better diagnostics and better informed treatment decisions for more patient outcome. This leads to a significantly increased awareness for the diagnosis of specific diseases. An integrated polling system checks the learning success.

Scan & Diagnosis

PathoZoom® LiveView

The perfect solution for seminars and courses, frozen sections at external sites, second opinion, tumour boards and tele-pathology.
Broadcast your microscope view to your colleagues live over the internet worldwide!

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PathoZoom® Scan & SlideCloud

The perfect solution for reference pathology, frozen sections at external sites, second opinion, tumour boards and tele-pathology.
Scan a slide in 1 minute, send it with a click and communicate with your external colleagues immediately worldwide.

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PathoZoom Image Analysis Suite

The perfect support function for the digital, cloud-based pathology/haematology diagnostics.

Including Quantify Modules: Ki67, ER/PR, CD 3/4/8/15/20, TILs, Her2


PathoZoom InterLab Testing Suite

The perfect solution for cloud based interlaboratory proficiency testing with cloud based digital microscopy receiving better results and lower costs.

Clinical Trials

PathoZoom Clinical Trials Suite

The perfect technology solution in handling and accessing big data in digital microscopy anywhere and anytime to enhance research efforts in finding new drugs and making better diagnostic tests for better patient outcome.


SmartZoom Classroom Suite is a fantastic addition for our hematologic microscopy courses. The usability is incredible and the speed outstanding.

Prof. Dr. Karl-Anton Kreuzer

Hematologist, University of Cologne

SmartZoom Classroom Suite is a valuable, flexible and easy-to-use tool for virtual microscopy and a perfect addition to your microscopy course and other lectures.

Prof. Dr. Nicolaus Friedrichs

Pathologist, University of Cologne

SmartZoom Classroom Suite is an excellent companion of the microscopic and macroscopic anatomy courses. It enables students to learn with the original course slides at any time and anywhere.

Dr. Stefanie Schliwa

Anatomist, University of Bonn

Smart Hematology is an outstanding educational resource and a wonderful step forward in hematology education.

Dr. Vivek Upadhyay

Mass General Hospital, Boston

SmartZoom Classroom Suite is a particularly user-friendly platform, which highly motivates students to learn histology. The easy and flexible access to multiple operating systems and devices is extraordinary.

Dr. Veysel Oedemis

Anatomist, University of Oldenburg