Medical students have great learning fun with the SmartZoom ClassRoom update

SmartZoom rolls out a major update

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SmartZoom, Germany’s leading microscopy platform for universities and educational institutions, is rolling out a major update. The focus is on extended functions and individualization options for even better learning results. Besides, further materials such as instructional videos, images, and text documents will be part of the e-learning platform of the Cologne-based software provider Smart In Media.

With SmartZoom, medical students can use complete slide boxes online: histological slides and other medical images in high resolution at any time with your smartphone, tablet, or PC/Mac. The advantage: In contrast to classical microscopy, the slides are always available online in consistent quality. Bleached stains, wrong sections, or difficult finding of important regions under the teaching microscope are a thing of the past.
In addition, in corona times, universities can compensate the loss of courses with SmartZoom as an e-learning platform.

Moving and zooming like on a real microscope
Whether microscopy, macroscopy, or cytology: thanks to high-speed technology, users can move and zoom their slides just like under a real microscope. The use of an intelligent zoom algorithm ensures a fast and reliable experience for image viewing. Expert annotations support learning. In the future, every student will also be able to create slides in his account with his annotations and general notes.
Furthermore, the improved navigation between the images is part of the update. All images can be integrated into common learning platforms such as Blackboard or Moodle. Not for nothing is SmartZoom the selected teaching and seminar platform of the International Academy of Pathology (IAP).

Control learning success quickly
SmartZoom offers lecturers the possibility to quickly check learning success even with several hundred students. For this purpose, lecturers can – independent of the preparation box of their university – now also upload slides individually and manage, rotate, and save full views and sections according to your requirements. The results are folders and courses with individual descriptions. New: The visibility of slides and expert annotations can be switched on and off. Thus, each lecturer decides which folders, sections, and annotations are visible to his students.

Add additional materials
Learning is greatly simplified by the new possibility to access the slides supplementary materials, attachments such as PDFs, images, text, or table documents to make available. Even educational videos can be added.
With an additional module, SmartZoom offers the possibility to use not only histological slides but also high-resolution medical images and radiological images in DICOM format, e.g., CT, MRT, X-ray, and ultrasound images. Thus SmartZoom is ideal for universities, university clinics, and teaching institutions.

The update has become even easier to use, faster, and more versatile and confirms its position as the most successful e-learning tool for digital microscopy.

More info
Detailed information on the online learning platform is available on the website

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