Radiologist uses the smart referral portal EasyRadiology per Tablet

EasyRadiology – farewell to the patient CD/DVD

In the anniversary year “125 years of X-rays”

How can the risk of infection and the length of stay for patients be reduced during corona times in radiology? — The answer is “EasyRadiology”. Our partner company of the same name has created a new milestone with this software solution: the farewell to the patient CD/DVD.

With EasyRadiology, the plastic data carrier becomes superfluous: Images and findings are sent to patients and physicians for further treatment via the Internet; they only need the personal access code to view them.

Progress for patients, referring physicians — and environment
This allows patients to view X-ray images of their knee, head, and other body regions on their smartphone, tablet, or laptop. Further treating physicians can use the data in their practice system without installing any software, just a mouse click away.
“For radiologists, this means saving a few thousand euros per radiologist in materials and working time every year, for patients it means that they can leave the practice more quickly — and for everyone, it means avoiding tons of plastic waste,” says
Cologne oncologist and IT expert Dr. Martin Weihrauch.

From the practice for the practice
As a “power-assigner” with over 20 years of experience at the University Hospital of Cologne, he is well aware of the problems and delays caused by patient CDs/DVDs: “Sometimes they get lost, sometimes they are not readable — using the CD is an outdated and time-consuming procedure,” says Dr. Weihrauch.
For patients, too, the longstanding solution was often a nuisance: Due to the DICOM data format, they had to use special software on their PC or laptop to view their images. And: increasingly, fewer people still have a CD drive.

New dimension
Out of this dilemma, Dr. Martin Weihrauch developed the contemporary alternative. The digital health specialist and his team of software specialists spent a good year working on “EasyRadiology — the fastest radiology viewer on the Internet”.
In recent weeks, the Corona Pandemic has added yet another new dimension to the development: The use of EasyRadiology decrease the risk of infection for patients,
because they no longer have to wait for their CD in practice, but quickly receive their examination link plus QR code printed out.
The solution incorporates in-depth know-how about medical imaging devices and digital image formats, as well as practical experience of how software can make the everyday lives of physicians and patients easier — and at the same time, “saves up to 90% in costs compared to a patient CD”.

Try out the website
On the website, every patient can upload his examination CDs/DVDs free of charge — and scroll through his image series, bone, and organ layers within seconds. Those who do not have their images can click through demo
examinations. Radiologists can learn how the new way of digitally transmitting examination results works in seconds and how easy it is to work with colleagues. Dr. Martin Weihrauch assures: “Nobody, except the owner of the link, can read the data; the procedure complies with the highest security standards.

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