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HpH saves up to half a day’s time for diagnosis

The Institute for Hematopathology Hamburg (HpH) is one of the largest private pathologies in Germany and mainly concerned with hematopathological diagnostics, i.e. with the differentiated differentiation of leukemia and lymphomas as well as benign diseases of the hematological and lymphatic system. Thanks to the “Smart In Media” solutions, digital pathology is an essential component for the more than 200 employees at four locations to meet the challenges of everyday life more quickly — and to achieve better patient outcomes.

Collaberation in real-time
Digitizing slides and making them digitally available to the pathologist eliminates the need to transport them from one location to another. By saving these courier journeys, we save up to half a day’s time for diagnosis in many cases, explains Dr. Lukas Heukamp. By using digital pathology, he diagnoses on average just as quickly on the screen as under the microscope, says the experienced pathologist. In no time at all, he switches between sections on the screen and assures: Moving and zooming in the slides works as smoothly as it does under the microscope. Thanks to the Smart In Media solutions, Dr. Heukamp can virtually take a colleague directly to his microscope in real-time. This makes the pathologists’ everyday life much more comfortable.

Step-by-step entry
It was important for the Institute of Hematopathology Hamburg that to take advantage of the benefits of digital pathology not all processes in the laboratory had to be changed over at once. The start was made step by step by using the various PathoZoom® products. A challenge for the Hamburg institute is the storage of a large amount of digital data. Smart In Media is also on hand to advise on this.

Diagnostic Scope of the Institute for Hematopathology Hamburg shown at the User Meeting of Smart In Media
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