Heinrich Heine University uses SmartZoom as part of the concept “Interdisciplinary Blended Learning”

Since May 2020, the Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf has been working with SmartZoom ClassRoom. The e-learning platform is a significant success part of the new study concept for “Interdisciplinary Blended Learning with digital microscopy at the time of the COVID-19 pandemic”. SmartZoom ensures that the medical students in Düsseldorf can learn even when attendance is not possible due to corona.

Learning just like at a real microscope
When choosing the teaching platform, Dr. Bastian Malzkorn, neuropathologist and medical didactician at the Heinrich Heine University had a clear focus: Students should be able to view the complete preparation boxes with their smartphone, tablet or laptop, via e-learning, independent of time and place. And of course, viewing is not the only thing: with SmartZoom, the viewer can move the slides and zoom in and out just like at a real microscope. Lecturers can upload complementary materials such as texts, images, videos, or audio sequences to each slide for the students.

Superior to classical microscopy
This ensures not only learning fun but also learning success as experience shows. “SmartZoom is superior to classical microscopy,” is the conclusion of Dr. Malzkorn at the “Smart In Media” as he told at our user meeting. Because: Difficult retrieval of important regions under the teaching microscope, incorrect sections, faded colors, and many other obstacles on the way to learning success are finally a thing of the past.

See how it works …

The corona pandemic gave the Medical Faculty of the Heinrich Heine University in Düsseldorfthe the final “push” for LENSD: the new, SmartZoom-based digital platform for teaching anatomy, pathology and neuropathology.
LENSD started in May 2020 and will be expanded step by step.

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