Digital Pathology: How to accelerate your diagnostics

Improved workflows, more efficient communication, and innovative technologies for faster diagnoses: Digital Pathology brings many advantages, accompanied by optimizing the entire workflow in pathology. Dr. Alberto Peréz Bouza will show the possibilities offered by Digital Pathology from scanning at the microscope to full digitization at our online expert meeting on Thursday, October 7, via Zoom.

Dr. Perez Bouza has been a professional user of Digital Pathology for years. He has also co-developed one of the leading diagnostic platforms for precision medicine, the “PathoZoom Digital Lab” by Smart In Media. Participants of the meeting will view cases live with him at the digital microscope via smartphone and test the Digital Lab during the session. They will also get insights directly into the digital organization of the laboratory in Troisdorf.

It will be evident that Digital Pathology not only massively facilitates the pathologist’s work: With an appropriate strategy, it speeds up the entire workflow in the laboratory – from processing incoming samples to preparing and labeling to assigning cases to the individual pathologists.

Participation is free. You can receive a certificate of attendance from Smart In Media.

Key Learnings:

  • How Digital Pathology can optimize diagnostics in terms of time
  • Which systems make the pathologist’s workflow more efficient
  • How you can increase the accuracy of diagnostics
  • How to accelerate digitizing in the lab
  • How to avoid technical problems


PD Dr. Alberto Pérez Bouza has been engaged in digital pathology for many years and has co-developed leading software solutions to optimize pathological workflows. He is Head of the Institute of Pathology and Cytology Troisdorf.
He will continue to be available to participants after the webinar as a contact person for digital pathology.

Limited places
The expert meeting “Digital Pathology: How to accelerate your diagnostics“ starts on October 7 at 5 pm Berlin time (4 pm London time, 11 am New York time) via ZOOM, duration one hour. The number of places for the participants is limited. So please send your registration as soon as possible to Smart In Media, Corina Turner,, or register online here.

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