The desire to digitally microscope blood and bone marrow smears was the initial impetus for my intensive involvement with digital microscopy almost ten years ago. This is how the company Smart In Media, which I founded as a hematooncologist, became a specialist in this field. In the meantime, we have become the market leader in […]

Medical students have great learning fun with the SmartZoom ClassRoom update
Radiologist uses the smart referral portal EasyRadiology per Tablet

How can the risk of infection and the length of stay for patients be reduced during corona times in radiology? — The answer is “EasyRadiology”. Our partner company of the same name has created a new milestone with this software solution: the farewell to the patient CD/DVD.

Microscope, screenshot and mobile devices show the application of SmartZoom ClassRoom at the Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf

The importance of interactive learning concepts for students at the time of the COVID 19 pandemic, such as those made possible by the digital microscopy platform “SmartZoom”, became apparent at the 1st user meeting at the end of May. At the invitation of the Cologne-based software specialist Smart In Media, users of the e-learning platform […]

Speakers of the user meeting Digital Pathology of Smart In Media

“We save up to half a day in many cases by saving courier transport,” “On average, I am just as fast as I am at the microscope”: The first interactive user meeting “Digital Pathology” of Smart In Media showed how much the flexible solution “PathoZoom Digital Lab” makes the daily routine of pathologists easier — […]

Digital Pathology: Physician works with PathoZoom Digital Lab in the home office

Programmers, creatives, or teachers are still working from home in the Corona crisis. But pathologists? – At an institute of Pathology & Cytology, the home office for doctors was created overnight.

Logo of the health innovation hub of the Federal Government with the participation of Smart in Media with the products PathoZoom and EasyRadiology

“Rethinking health” is the mission of the health innovation hub of the Federal Ministry of Health. Digital innovations such as those of the Cologne-based software company Smart In Media are in demand. With the product families PathoZoom and EasyRadiology, this makes two contributions to the federal government’s project.