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Software contributions offer decisive advantages in corona times

“Rethinking health” is the mission of the health innovation hub of the Federal Ministry of Health. Digital innovations such as those of the Cologne-based software company Smart In Media are in demand. With the product families PathoZoom and EasyRadiology, this makes two contributions to the federal government’s project.

The platform hih-2025.de enables the dialogue of all relevant actors and bundles innovative forces in the healthcare sector. The aim is to make the advantages of digitization in the healthcare system accessible to everyone. Also, the health innovation hub explores further possibilities of digitalization and develops ideas and concepts for the design of care and digital transformation.

PathoZoom enables doctors to work from home

Smart In Media, German No. 1 for digital microscopy and specialist for digital pathology, contributes two digital medical solutions to hih: PathoZoom and EasyRadiology. Both offer decisive advantages in the current corona situation.

PathoZoom enables pathologists to work safely from home: From the home office — as well as from any other location — the physician can use the software to perform diagnostic procedures just as if he were at his microscope.

EasyRadiology minimizes the risk of infection

EasyRadiology — a software that replaces patient CDs/DVDs in radiology — ensures that patients can leave the practice after their examination without waiting for their CD/DVD. This minimizes the risk of infection among patients. In return, the patient receives only a printed link immediately after the examination, via which he or she and the physicians providing further treatment can view the examination directly: in compliance with data protection regulations, without time delay, in original quality and without any software installation on the viewer. Radiologists thus also save costs for material and personnel.

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