New Features 2/2024

Improved Speed for Indexing

Digital Lab now features significantly enhanced technology to provide scans more quickly.
This new, forward-thinking system cannot be set up with the usual software update, as it requires a new folder structure. Our team will coordinate individual transition schedules with all customers in the coming weeks.

Red Loading Bar Indicates Missing Image Tiles

Slow or incomplete loading of image parts can lead to diagnostic errors. To promptly alert users, we have added a loading bar that turns red when parts of the image are missing. Additionally, a warning message will appear at the top of the viewer, drawing attention to the issue.

Faulty Scans are Stored Separately

To prevent Digital Lab from being burdened with faulty scanned slides, we have introduced a new system: If images are incomplete, we save them in a special folder called “Errored Slides.” Furthermore, duplicates of images are detected and removed. These measures help clean up and optimize our system, making it faster and more reliable.

Support for Non-Latin Characters Improved

Digital Lab now supports slides and cases that contain umlauts or non-Latin characters in their names.

Completion of a Case is Displayed Faster

Marking a case as complete/incomplete is now at least 50% faster than before.

Changed File Counting Function for Files Related to a Case

The displayed number of files related to a case now includes macro images, PDF files, etc.

Additionally, we have implemented numerous other minor improvements that make working with the diagnostic platform faster and even more user-friendly.

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