New Features 8/2023

SplitView: Full visibility of the toolbar in each tab

If you have several tabs displayed on your screen (SplitView), the entire toolbar is now automatically available in the selected view. This helps you annotate each tab.

To activate a tab, click anywhere on the shown slide. A blue frame will appear to indicate that this tab is now active and can be edited using the toolbar.

SplitView: Screenshots of all active tabs

If you have several slides opened in one case at the same time (SplitView), you can now create and save a screenshot of all of them at the same time. To do so, click on the photo icon in the toolbar to capture the entire screen including all opened slides.

SplitView: Image adjustments in separate tabs

You can now set your image adjustments (hue, contrast, etc.) separate in each tab in SplitView. To do this, activate the tab by clicking on the respective image and go to ‘Show Image Adjustments’.
If you want to apply the respective setting to all opened slides, click on ‘Apply to all Views’.

Disabled the ability to ratate slides on mobile devices

Two-finger rotation of slides has been disabled for small mobile devices. This will make it easier to navigate using your fingers. You can still rotate the image using the circular arrows in the overview map.
On larger screens such as tablets, the usual rotation method using two fingers is still possible.

Alternative look for loading tiles

We have made it easier for users to identify tiles that are still loading or could not be loaded at all. There is now a checkered background for the entire size of the scanned slide, making it easier to distinguish between content that wasn’t scanned and content that is yet to load.

You can enable or disable this checkered background under ‘Settings → Device settings’.

Additional Optimizations

Display of the loading symbol for thumbnail previews

If certain scanner models do not provide thumbnails of the files, DigitalLab will no longer show a waiting graphic, but the user will receive the information that the ‘Thumbnail is not available’.

Calculation of the maximum zoom levle

From now on, the calculation of the maximum zoom level of a slide will be based on the lesn power of the scanner specified in the metadata. If the information is not available, the value in microns per pixel is used for the calculation.

You will also benefit from the following optimizations:

  • Removal of duplicate search results
  • Faster loading of slides and tiles due to caching improvements
  • Data from the cloud is retrieved more efficiently and quickly
  • Optimized queuing for bulk data conversion jobs
  • Improved optical character recognition (OCR) functionality on labels
  • Faster reestablishment of network connections
  • Various improvements when working in the folder view
  • Bug fixes, e.g. in data deletion on reference platforms, communication with the Nexus interface, consistent working and response speed during prolonged use, processing of the deletion process triggered by the LIS…
  • The database for file management of the slides has been optimized and now uses the power of the Digital Lab server much less than before
  • Configurable disabling of the metadata of the scanning process (instead, only the label on the slide is read for correct case assignment). If you want to configure your Digital Lab to ignore the slide metadata, please contact our support: Tel. +49 221 999943-13, e-mail

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