Support diagnosting pathologists and hematologists with their further education by collaborating with us to create training opportunities that enhance the quality of life for patients. Use our building blocks for your success:

We are happy to relieve you with the management of participants, so that you can fully concentrate on your content. From Registration to support and information, we are pleased to handle all the logistics for you.

Of course we‘ll take over the promotion of your event: we conceptualize and design your Invitations, mailings, social media posts or print campaigns. Through a separate CRM system with your clients, we manage the individual measures for you.

We will develop a tailored platform with your training material that optimally presents you and your content. In this context, instructional videos, presentations and digital specimens all find their place. Furthermore, we provide you with the framework that ensures a technically seamless presentation of your content during the event.

For ongoing improvement, assessing the success of such an event is crucial. For this reason, following your event, you will receive a package from us with comprehensive information on participant numbers, ratings, and other key performance indicators (KPIs).


Our Webinar Service is the perfect solution for seminars and training
Whether for many or just a few viewers – our service is professional and reliable

Use the reach of Smart In Media to advertise your products
We take care of all multimedia advertising for you in a practical complete package

Helps pathologists, hematologists and radiologists to improve the quality of their diagnoses