With MIKAIA Studio you will get an intelligent and fast image analysis software for quantitative microscopy results in research, including an app center with multiple powerful image analysis apps. The MIKAIA studio software for Digital Pathology is a local Windows software (no uploading of data to the cloud – your data remains securely in your institute) and includes the following features:

• View, annotate, process and analyze Whole-Slide-Images or single light fields in bright field or fluorescence
• Supports all common image formats
• Trendsetting annotation system with various tools, e.g. automatic saving, undo / redo, import / export, decentralized saving of annotations independently of the scan file (enables subsequent moving of scan data and access by multiple people)
• Automatically analyse multiple images one after the next with the batch analysis tool
• Export the results in the CSV format for subsequent analyses in R, Python, Pathlab, etc.
• Fluorescence channel correlation module ng-scatter plots for each channel combination

• „Tissue Detection“
• „Annotation Image Export“
• „Tile export“

• „Mask by Color“ for fast, pixel-by-pixel masking on the basis of colors
• „Cell-based IHC scoring“ for detection of cells in the IHC, incl.  heatmap density by ROIs, hotspot search
• „FL Colocalization“ for detection and classification of cells in multiplex fluorescence images on the basis of cell markers (e.g. DAPI) and additional markers
• „FL Spot Counting“ for counting of cells in fluorescence images
• „Her2/neu FISH“ for couting of HER2- & CEP17 copies in cell nuclei
• „Cell Cell Connections“ for analysis of the spacial interactons between cells
• „Spatial Clustering“ to group cells into clusters to quantify cell distribution
• „Annotation Metrics“ for calculation of morphometric and color attributes of annotations, including IHC profiling, mean pluorescence intensity, histograms

• „Train your own AI“
• Enables you to train your own AI with just a few annotations, thanks to the underlying „Few Shot Learning“ technology


Despite dozens of options and possibilities, only the relevant options are displayed to make usage as straightforward as possible

Use your reproducible results in studies and publication

MIKAIA is constantly being developed and new apps are added to give you more and more options