With our PathoZoom® Educational Portal you will obtain a digital platform customized for your use case to present pathological or haematological content and case studies in the highest quality. Improve the increasingly complex diagnostics of physicians in the age of precision medicine.
Here are the features at a glance:

• Present relevant case studies digitally just like on a microscope with our high-speed viewer, which can also jump between different stains of the specimen in less than a second
• Annotate the specimens to add detailed descriptions or highlight details
• Test the users‘ knowledge with case evaluations
• Add instructional videos, case descriptions or assessment tools, to create a complete self-learning course

• Your visitors will learn at their own pace and at any time with the cases and examples you provide – as complex and far-reaching as you need them to be
• Interactive learning from any screen at home, just like with a microscope
• Self-tests and quizzes for self-assessment and practice


Microscope quickly without loading times
No installation necessary

We will support you from setting up and filling the platform to its launch
We will happily take over the digital scanning process of the samples for you