With PathoZoom® Scan as a part of the leading system PathoZoom® Scan & LiveView you can bring your microscope into the world of Digital Pathology. Scan specimens in under just one minute manually using your own microscope, upload them and send them to your colleagues all over the world via link or QR-code.
Here are the features at a glance:

• Scan the slides you want to share with colleagues by simply moving the microscope stage – this process will take less than a minute
• Using the high-grade PathoZoom® camera, which is connected using the C-Mount on every microscope, you will receive great looking pictures, which are just as good as those from an expensive microscope scanner
• Decide yourself, how much and what of the specimen you want to scan and share with others
• Save scans on your computer or upload them to PathoZoom® SlideCloud for permanent storage as a Whole Slide Image
• Using our automated image correction tools, the quality of your scans stays excellent

• Free access to PathoZoom® SlideCloud
• Annotate and measure in the uploaded specimens and share all of this with your colleagues via link or QR-code
• Add tags to your uploaded scans, to classify them for future searches

In accordance with the European Medical Device Regulations (MDR – 2017/745) and In Vitro Diagnostic Device Regulations (IVDR – 2017/746), the PathoZoom® Scan measurement tools comply with the requirements of the ICDR and are CE marked.


Scan within seconds, just by moving the microscope stage
Upload of the scanned specimen also takes just a few seconds

Get the same quality scans like you would using an expensive microscope scanner

Automatic software updates
Support hotline

Affordable solution for step-by-step entry into Digital Pathology