PathoZoom® Digital Lab is the most advanced diagnostic platform for pathology. Developed by physicians for physicians, it offers a unique combination of features that will help you work faster, from anywhere, at any time, and achieve higher quality diagnostics. Its open architecture enables the integration of all scanner formats, all laboratory information systems (LIS) and the use of AI.
Here are the features at a glance:

• Share cases with colleagues via link or QR-Code without the need for them to register anywhere
• Integrate external pathologists into your workflow (from anywhere at anytime)

• Digital Lab works with all scanner brands and formats
• PathoZoom® Digital Lab can be integrated into any laboratory information system (LIS)

• Diagnose in your browser (e.g., via laptop) – no software installation required
• Annotate and measure in the slide, share annotations with your colleagues
• Count cells with the integrated high power field (HPF)
• Intuitive operation controls for fast navigation and zooming through the slide (compatible with the PathoZoom® SpaceMouse)
• Personal workstation: Configure shortcuts and hide functions you don‘t need according to your preferences
• Everything at a glance: Open several slides synchronized side by side in the split view and adjust the view to your individual needs using the toolbar
• Assign cases directly to specialized colleagues (work list)
• Track your cases and the user behavior of your team members to get an overview of the processing status of each case in your diagnostics platform at all times

• Integrate your own Artificial Intelligence modules
• Diagnose with third-party AI applications from the AI App Store in the Digital Lab
• Use the integrated Mindpeak-AI for breast cancer (Ki67, ER, PR, HER2/neu) and lung cancer (PD-L1)

• Take pictures of the view at the grossing station and import them directly into cases in PathoZoom® Digital Lab

• Works well with all mobile devices (laptop, tablet, smartphone)

• Use the overview image to check whether the specimen has been scanned correctly

• PathoZoom® Digital Lab does not share patient data
• All connections are encrypted and protected by user authorization
• Thanks to the built-in VPN connection, additional VPN setup is not required

• As a referring pathologist, you can allow other pathologists to load cases directly into a separate area in your PathoZoom® Digital Lab for second opinions

• Reads and writes DICOM formats and can convert any image format to DICOM

In accordance with the European Medical Device Regulations (MDR – 2017/745) and In Vitro Diagnostic Device Regulations (IVDR – 2017/746), the PathoZoom® Digital Lab measurement tools comply with the requirements of the ICDR and are CE marked


Faster second opinions (no transport of glass slides)
Conference mode for quick exchange with colleagues
Use of AI for routine tasks gives more time for special, challenging diagnoses
Faster slide change than at the microscope and Split-View of up to nine synchronized slides at once

Flexible integration of external staff
Attracting young physicians through flexible work (time) models

Overview of work lists of all pathologists in the team at all times
Overview of the processing status of all cases in the laboratory