SmartZoom® ClassRoom

SmartZoom® ClassRoom is an online e-learning platform for digital microscopy – created by physicians for physicians and medical students. With Smart Zoom, you can access your histology slides or other high-resolution medical images from anywhere at any time. You can easily add expert annotations and let your students learn with this innovative virtual microscopy solution. Universities are connected to each other within the Smart Zoom network and can share slides.

By lecturers for lecturers

I invented Smart Zoom to explain students world-wide the complex mechanisms of medicine

Alberto Perez Bouza, M. D.


I work continuously on Smart Zoom to make the system faster, more intuitive and more interactive on alle devices

Martin Weihrauch, M. D.

Hematologist / Oncologist

SmartZoom Features

The perfect learning experience

Students love Smart Zoom! They can view the original slides of their University anywhere at any time. Annotations help them learn directly on the slide. Also, students can add and share their own annotations.

Runs on all devices

The Smart Zoom platform is very flexible and serves microscopic and macroscopic high-resolution images to any device with a browser.

Huge image collection available

You don’t have slides or annotations of your own? No problem, we have a huge image collection, which we can share to complete your first digital course!

Integrate into Moodle, Blackboard, Ilias!

Smart Zoom slides can be easily integrated into your existing courses and quizzes/exams in any e-learning platform, including e. g. Moodle, Blackboard, Ilias and all others.

Smart Zoom on mobile devices

Category view

This is the view of the categories on an iPhone. You can easily sort the categories from your administration panel.

Slide list view

These are the slides of one category. You can also order them.

Information about the slide

You can add a summary text to each slide.

Slide view

The slide can be viewed even on mobile devices with simple pinch-zooming. Annotations add value to the learning experience of your students.